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Join the fight against poverty as a volunteer in Africa or India!

Are you ready for big challenges?Volunteer in Africa. Join the program "fighting with the poor" at CICD in England
Would you like to take action together with others to make the world a better place?
Do you want to learn about life in Africa and India by investigation and own experience?

We invite you to join us!

At CICD in England we - staff and students – place ourselves shoulder to shoulder with The Poor to make changes for the better. We find that to maintain our integrity and humanity and enjoy life to the full we need to face reality and work for a better future for all.

Here are a few of the facts that make us do what we do:
- 22,000 children die each day due to poverty
- 1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read and write
- 25 million people in Southern Africa are infected with HIV
- More than half of Africa’s population live on less than a dollar a day

These are just figures - and there are many more. But behind these figures are human beings. Each of the 22,000 children had a face and a name, and each of them is mourned. Each of The Poor in these figures have been denied basic human rights.

By becoming a volunteer in Africa you get a new understanding of the world  - and you do good at the same time! Together we can create change and a better world.


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Students about the Preparation Peroid

together-for-our-climateCICD joined the ‘People’s Climate March’ September 21st, in Sheffield. It was a creative action, as the organisers – Sheffield Climate Alliance – called it: a walk along the city’s rivers rallying at the Town Hall,...
cicd-experienceOne day I woke up in a different room, in a different bed, in a different country. The day before I had changed my life forever. Without knowing I have chosen the path that would make me (re)do my existence and...
marina-s-experiences-at-cicdHi! My name is Marina and I come from Portugal. Today I celebrate 2 months since I first arrived at CICD to become part of an 18 month volunteer programme called “Fighting with the Poor”. In the first days I...

Experiences from Africa and India

paul-and-soraia-november-team-2013-returned-from-6-months-as-di-s-in-mozambiqueWe were in a Teachers Training College – the DNS project in Nawchicoluane, Chokwe, Gaza-Mozambique. We were working in a school educating future primary school teachers. In our case, we needed to do...
chicken-house-and-school-gardenWhen I arrived to Children´s Town, a DI from Equador was responsible for raising chickens and the school garden.Together with the kids he rebuilt and improved the chicken house for the purpose of...
2nd-report-of-the-project-escola-de-professores-do-futuro-cabo-delgadoBy Carina Andrade, August Team 2013 Teaching English in ADPP Teacher Training College This project is my first and main job in ADPP Cabo Delgado. I was teaching English to one team during 3 months...

Traveling and Investigations

travelling-from-cicd-in-england-to-mozambique-via-west-africaGrozdana Simonova from August Team 2012 has been doing the 24 months programme “Fighting with The Poor”. She is here to share her experiences from the 3 months travelling over land through north-west Africa before her 6...
teaching-maths-science-english-and-learning-another-language-february-team-2013Zambia Muli shani - How are you? We arrived in Zambia on 7th January. We planned to visit different projects in this country. We were in Lusaka visiting a second hand shop and saying hello to one of our friends we met in...
staying-with-a-pastor-and-making-toys-february-team-2013Botswana Dumelang! (Hello!) In Botswana we went straight to Tutume. A big difference of conditions between Zimbabwe and Botswana. We travelled by bus, and some of the Zimbabwean people travel for 8 hours just to cross the...

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