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Running the College together

runningtogetherWe run the College together - 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Importantly, CICD is a residential college.

In addition to the daily training and learning activities within the programme, many other, colourful and diverse activities will take place while you are in residence at the College.

You are in for a learning experience with a high yield, reading and understanding books, preparing for what the next period will bring, discussing and debating the big issues of our time and world and the future of humanity, going on travels and investigations, alternating between working by yourself and in your groups, and working with the practical and encouraging endeavour of running all the College’s daily affairs and its shared life and facilities.

You will no doubt benefit from these and many more aspects of CICD’s environment and activities. The many different accessories to the solid training and life will add to and further enhance your interest, result and the human quality built up through the programme and the shared life.


Responsibility areas – planning and managing

As a student at CICD, you will find that your "student role" is very different from what you are likely to have tried before. Being involved in all the many activities that are part of the daily life at the college, together with the rest of the students and the staff group, places you right in the middle of it.

This also brings more of many things: more work, more learning, more personal development, more friendship and sticking together! 

You will be involved in several rotas, carrying out the day to day activities  - and maybe you will also be double busy, having the responsibility area of organising the rota system.

The areas and tasks are organised by the students, often in the Trios.

Here are some examples: Cooking and serving the meals for the whole school, making menus, buying the food, cleaning classrooms and toilets, maintaining and repairing the buildings and the park, heating the buildings and the people during the winter, making sure our IT equipment works properly, organising sports days and culture evenings, planning and preparing Information Meetings about the programme for interested people, arranging and preparing our contributions to the yearly Withernsea Carnival, tending our garden farm and taking care of the environmentally friendly sewage plant.


Building weekends

Every month we have a Building Weekend with all Development Instructors and teachers.  It is one of the essential ways for us to keep the buildings nice and to upgrade and improve the facilities, at the same time as giving you the opportunity to learn many organisational and practical skills. The Building Weekend is a monthly highlight, and everything - tasks and tools, work groups and quality control, food, refreshments and evening programmes  - are prepared and organised by one of the DI Trios, with the backup of the building responsible teacher.


A collective way of life – and why!

 We have chosen to organise life in a collective way at CICD – not because we might as well, but because we cannot do without it.

We are all here for a reason: we want to create CHANGE, to work together with some of the poorest people on the planet in improving their life and their conditions.  And at the same time we want to build up a positive culture, have fun and enjoy life – while we are fighting hard together to make a difference!

So the students at CICD have a challenging programme with big tasks in front of them. As a thread running through it all you find the team and the co-operation between students and teachers and other members of staff in making it all work, and giving the teams the best possible conditions for reaching their goals.  If we don’t stick together, this cannot be done!

The skills of leadership and co-operation are best learned in a setting of "learning by doing". have a collective starting point in the daily life is for many of us something we are not used to, so it takes some training and adapting. We have often been brought up where the norm is to see the individual always as the central figure. Men and women with outstanding (or noticeable) qualities and talents are celebrated and made visible in the media and can become "TV celebs".

But the changes and developments created by the slow and steady work by many people together that mostly go un-noticed and are in-visible in the media, they carry deep and long lasting impact. The work of Humana People to People and many other NGO-s and organisations are examples of this. The Poor are another example of this work – he/she who manages to provide for their family day after day despite impossible odds, looking AIDS and starvation in the face. Their huge efforts are not famous or celebrated, but they are the people we stand shoulder to shoulder with when we take up the good fight for a better life together with The Poor.


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