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After the programme


Back at CICD after 6 months in Namibia – from Adriana, Ana and Andre This is a very weird feeling that we are having, returning to CICD. It’s like nothing changed... Read more
How to change your Life in 2 simple years On the 9th of October 2014, I stepped into the unknown as I arrived in CICD. I had my ideas of... Read more
From Winestead to Africa to the Caribbean by David Christian   My story and I at CICD My name is David Christian, from Rochdale near Manchester. I... Read more
My years after the programme - by Mel 2 years ago I was starting the journey that changed my life!2 years ago I left my house, my... Read more
To make the dreams become reality requires a decision To make the dreams become reality requires a decision, persistence and the place of... Read more
I'm Veronika I am Veronika (29) from Hungary and I was DI in Mozambique, Cabol Delgado, Biibiza in 2010-2011.... Read more
A letter for everyone who's thinking to join CICD Hi everyone My name is Ana and I come from Portugal. I’ve joined CICD in April 2011, starting... Read more

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