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Back from the project - Bringing It to The Public

Here we publish news about actions from Development Instructors in Camp Future and from the Fighting with The Poor teams.

The Importance of Doing Studies, by Ana Cornélio When your study & preparation period begins, you will start to study some interesting subject... Read more
From Ryma about Journal period Hello! I’m Ryma, a DI from the 18 months program.  The project that I chose was Child Aid... Read more
The adventures of Bupe and Italy! Hi everyone, Marje and Kevin here again. If you haven’t yet, check out our experience in Zambia,... Read more
To be a woman in Africa you must be strong By Carla Domingues, May Team 2013 All my life I heard about strong African women, but now... Read more
My feelings after coming back from the project in Africa By Tamás Gecse, May Team 2013 In our life we normally have to change our location and... Read more
Looking for Estonian DIs at university by David Christian, May Team 2012 I went to a university in Tallinn, Estonia, to promote CICD at a fair called “Võti Tulevikku”... Read more
After Zambia, I went back to school! By David Christian, May Team 2012 Following my 8 months in Zambia, I’m now “Bringing it to... Read more
Bring it to the Public – Manchester College, from 22nd-25th October 2012 Being in Africa or India, work there as a volunteer, live and talk with the local people, is an... Read more

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