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From the service period in Africa or India


Climate Activist team: Green actions and Homeless Support Climate Activists with Homeless Support in Delhi and Green Action project in Behror,... Read more
Many new challenges and many new friends  Report from 24-months Team FWTP - 03.04.2017     We arrived to DAPP Ndola,... Read more
From Helena in Zamfam project, Zambia The “Zamfam Project” (Zambian Family Project) is a recent project being implemented by... Read more
First Report from Climate Activists Team - August 2016 Humana People to People India NeTT Ujjain Report of Climate Activist TeamCollege for... Read more
I miss Zambia already... My name is Maryssol and to talk about the six months in Zambia is a challenging thing to do,... Read more
Child Aid in Zambia, together with the community Child Aid Project - Africa Zambia (21/05/2015 - 17/11/2015) I'm Liliana Liberato Ribeiro... Read more

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