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From the service period in Africa or India


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From Helena in Zamfam project, Zambia The “Zamfam Project” (Zambian Family Project) is a recent project being implemented by... Read more
First Report from Climate Activists Team - August 2016 Humana People to People India NeTT Ujjain Report of Climate Activist TeamCollege for... Read more
I miss Zambia already... My name is Maryssol and to talk about the six months in Zambia is a challenging thing to do,... Read more
My experiences as a volunteer in One World University My service period was in One World University (OWU), in Mozambique. Mozambique is an African... Read more
Child Aid in Zambia, together with the community Child Aid Project - Africa Zambia (21/05/2015 - 17/11/2015) I'm Liliana Liberato Ribeiro... Read more
6 months as a volunteer in Zambia! Welcome everyone!My name is Adam, I am 23 years old and I am from Hungary. I joined to CICD in... Read more
To live a different reality - in Zambia as a Volunteer More about Zambia Child Aid project. Click here to download All in my life I have been... Read more
Paul and Soraia, November Team 2013 - returned from 6 months as DI-s in Mozambique We were in a Teachers Training College – the DNS project in Nawchicoluane, Chokwe,... Read more
Chicken House and School Garden When I arrived to Children´s Town, a DI from Equador was responsible for raising chickens and the... Read more
2nd Report of the Project Escola de Professores do Futuro – Cabo Delgado By Carina Andrade, August Team 2013 Teaching English in ADPP Teacher Training College This... Read more
Learning about Africa from own experience Andreia Oliveira travelled overland with her team mates – Gabor, Marina and Milda, from... Read more
Improving health and sanitation with Women's Clubs in Guinea-Bissau / Part 3 We have visited a lot of Women’s Clubs. The plan is that we travel to the different sanitary... Read more
Supporting community health workers in Guinea-Bissau / Part 2 Introduction of the project This project is in co-operation between ADPP Guinea-Bissau and... Read more
Our first 2 months in Guinea-Bissau / Part 1, April 2014 By Réka Fehér, Dávid Moharos and Kristofina Poulsen We have been in Guinea-Bissau for almost 2... Read more
Week of action and investigation in Nchelenge District, Zambia by Vele Saveski, May Team 2013   About water and sanitation in Zambia While Zambia's... Read more
February Report from Child Aid Project Samfya by Carla, Tamás and Gonçalo Muli shani (Hello) Our February was full of storms with very strong wind and heavy rain. This... Read more
Sustainable energy - one of the keys to development Grozdana Simonova from August Team 2012 has been doing the 24 months programme “Fighting... Read more
Final Report from Malawi by Flóra Endre, November Team 2012 I spent 6 months in Malawi as a Development Instructor from 25th May to 26th November 2013. First... Read more
January Report from Child Aid Project Samfya by Gonçalo, Carla and Tamás We started the New Year with a small task - the DAPP office got 450 chairs for the pre-schools... Read more
December Report from Child Aid Project Samfya by Gonçalo, Carla and Tamás Our December started with long, dry and extremely hot days. We have constructed 3 playgrounds in... Read more
Muli shani again from David in Zambia! What have I been doing? I was working at the Partnership office in Lusaka (Zambia’s capital) for... Read more
Micro finance and women empowerment in Zambia Zambian greetings for everybody, Volunteers and Future volunteers,   The present report... Read more
Money generating activities and Women's Clubs – 1st report from Mila in Zambia Hello dear friends, Here we give you some news from our first impressions of our contact with... Read more
A country that really needs help, a country that we will never forget Experiences from Joana and Pedro, August Team 2012 Guinea Bissau, August 2013 During... Read more
The fight for food security -Daniel's 6 months with Women Farmers Club, Dowa in Malawi Daniel worked at one of Humana's Farmers Club projects. Here is part of his final report from his... Read more
Preventing HIV/AIDS in schools in Zambia From final report of Anelia Jetcheva, February team 2012 The responsibility area I got in Hope... Read more

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