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Why you should join CICD in 2017 - and why I did…. Ana and Ryma About our experience in the projects, the only thing that we can tell you is that... Read more
My first week as a DI by Danail Hello from Danail. After six months Gaia period, (in which I had many unforgettable moments) I... Read more
Volunteering at the Peace Conference 2016 in Tvind, Denmark - by Mirella Ka. Peace Conference was a 3 day event, which took place from 29th of April till 1st of May in... Read more
Homeless Support at CICD Advocacy means working with people experiencing homelessness to bring about positive changes in... Read more
Building a team Building a team is much like building a house. You need good support for the house/team to... Read more
Learning by doing! "Long is the way of learning through theories; short and effective by examples." This maxim I... Read more
Tvind's Peace Conference 2015 First time in Tvind’s history Peace Conference was organized and hosted by Det Nødvenige... Read more
Taking action against climate change CICD joined the ‘People’s Climate March’ September 21st, in Sheffield. It was a creative action,... Read more
The right decision! One day I woke up in a different room, in a different bed, in a different country. The day before... Read more
Marina's experiences at CICD Hi! My name is Marina and I come from Portugal. Today I celebrate 2 months since I first... Read more
My 1 month experience - Cristina Hi! My name is Cristina and I am doing the 18 month programme at College for International... Read more
Evening Debate about Modern Hegemony An open debate evening was organised in CICD, by May and February Teams, on Tuesday 24th... Read more
My Experiences in the Clothes and Shoes Collection at CICD By Tamás 'Tom' Gubicza, February Team 2014 My name is Tom, at the moment I’m responsible... Read more
"Duckingham Palace" Established Ducks need big houses and ponds! Swimming makes them happy, allowing them to keep clean, and... Read more
From a community in England to a community in Africa‏ By Mariana Machado, November Team 2013 Hello! My name is Mariana and I come from Portugal.... Read more
The peaceful Flamborough Head By Adam Sipos, Gaia Team We got the idea after our excursion in Withernsea last week, when... Read more
The importance of our responsibility areas - Alexa, May team 2013 This is also about how to get rich - in new skills! I would like to talk to about the... Read more
One very busy week full of experiences! Here at CICD we can also work with partnership by taking care of visitors from Denmark. In the... Read more

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