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Travels and investigations


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Let the children go to school “Let the children go to school “ – CICD travel-team investigating and helping in... Read more
A night and a day in Zimbabwe Few weeks ago, during our travel period, I faced difficulties which potentially could mean a... Read more
Christmas and New Year in Children's Town in Mozambique During the last 20 days we have been in Children’s Town in Costa do Sol, Mozambique. Many things... Read more
Meet Botswana - peaceful, safe and friendly! Today we spoke with one of our good friends, Boyd Basuti, who is an entrepreneur, drama director... Read more
Namibia – a Country of contrasts It took us 49 hours to arrive to DAPP school in Outapi from Johannesburg. Now, 8 days later, we... Read more
In Dublin with my team Welcome to Dublin On Sunday, the 29th of May 2016, Africa's Day was celebrated in Irish... Read more
Travelling and experiencing Africa Here is the full report I realized a very important thing: Africa is not worse than Europe, it... Read more
Travelling from CICD in England to Mozambique via West Africa Grozdana Simonova from August Team 2012 has been doing the 24 months programme “Fighting with The... Read more
Teaching maths, science, English ...and learning another language - February Team 2013 Zambia Muli shani - How are you? We arrived in Zambia on 7th January. We planned to visit... Read more
Staying with a pastor and making toys: February Team 2013 Botswana Dumelang! (Hello!) In Botswana we went straight to Tutume. A big difference of... Read more
On the road to Mozambique: February Team 2013 The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the... Read more
Adventures of CICD-s Landrover team! Enjoy the short movie from the teams travel over land from Europe to Guinea Bissau in West... Read more

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