Climate Activists with Homeless Support in Delhi and Green Action project in Behror, India!



Our journey started on March 29st, at 7:30, we left CICD for our next chapter of programme in India. After a long day travelling in public transports, finally we arrived at Heathrow Airport in London at for the flight to Delhi at 21:00. Next day, we arrived in Delhi at 11:00. The impact was very strong because we left UK with 7 or 8º C but here was around 39º C! Our bodies started to react immediately, breathing became more difficult and our senses became more sensitive to feel this new world! Our first goal was to reach Humana People to People India. Though we were tired, all of us were enthusiastic to know the place and the people who we would come to work with in the next days. Our first important meeting was on March 31st with Pashu Mahato who is a project manager. He made a presetation about HPPI and all the projects which this organization is envolved. Then he aproached two projects in specifically, the Homeless Project in Delhi and the Green Action Project in Behror, Neemrana as a solutions for our future places to work. Follow this link for the full report:

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Students Testimonials - Why I joined and what I learned



    We could get a little piece of African reality as we went to our project. We could taste the bitterness of poverty and we were able to do our part making the world a better place to live.


    The slogan of the college is “let’s act”, and I’m very happy because I could do exactly that. And you, what are you waiting for?


    CICD has been a great learning experience for me. I learned so much in these 2 years that it surprises even me how greatly I have changed.


    Adapting to CICD meant motivating students, communicating in a different language, and leaving the comfort of my old life.


    In CICD I had grown and changed a lot. I had to adapt, be tolerant, respect others and most importantly, be humble.


    Most important of all for me: the acceptance that no one is perfect and the important thing is that you give the best of you.

    The Students Stories

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