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Welcome to our October Newsletter


You can enjoy reports and stories from work and adventures here at CICD – about what it takes to build a team, a hitch-hiking adventure and news from a Building Weekend in a very special location. We also have experiences from Jose, who spent 6 productive months working with Farmers Clubs in Zambezia, Mozambique.

News from India and CICD with our volunteer's articles!

Welcome to our November Newsletter! 

Enjoy reports and stories from different parts of Africa, from India – and of course local news from CICD in East Yorkshire.
These last weeks have been full of “Many hellos and good-byes”.  2 weeks ago May Team 2014 finished their last preparations, passed the exams with One World University, and left for their 6 months project period - destination Zambia and Mozambique...

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter!

Our programmes are for learning to fight poverty, and to understand the reasons behind the enduring struggle for the Poor around the world. It is a programme full of good fights, for each student and teacher, to learn and organise and be productive and stick together…and to learn to do it all in solidarity, not in competition.

Here we are serving you again a mix of events, actions, studies, work and adventures of CICD Development Instructors – before, during and after their 6 months service period in Africa or India. This time we are happy to also have a contribution from one of the Project Leaders in Mozambique.

Enjoy the reading!

Spring is a time of change …and CICD is no exception!

Soon our May Team 2013 are coming back from the projects full of new experiences …and the November Team is leaving around the same time, prepared and ready to join the Poor in the fight for health, education and food security.

At CICD and our partner schools, the time of change never stops. Our programmes are designed to create change: within ourselves, with new knowledge, understanding and skills…..between ourselves and in our immediate environment with comradeship and improvements …and importantly: putting the skills and knowledge to use together with the Poor in Africa and India in the fight for a better life….. and at the same time learning so much that the world will never seem the same again.

Are we ready for the changes? Maybe. Do we need to deal with changes? Always! Can we make the changes work? Maybe not first time...but then we try again and we don’t give up.

This newsletter will bring you a taster of some of the ingredients of our programme here at “Another Kind of School”.

And watch this space – soon we will bring more news from the teams leaving and arriving…



Welcome to this newsletter, full of reports and stories from studies and preparation here at CICD, from travels and investigations through southern Africa, from working with Humana People to People with pre-schools and tree planting and solar energy projects, as well as from the Journal period back again in the UK.

In our pedagogical principles we can read: “Mobility is a precondition for learning much. The students of any age must move beyond the premises of the institution; meeting real life and people, getting engaged through moving and interacting with the phenomena and reality of environment and people.”

So for us, the world is our classroom and the people we meet our teachers. And by meeting and learning from people on our way, we understand even better why it is necessary to take action and work shoulder to shoulder for a better world.

Together we can do it!

Warm wishes for a good start of the New Year from all of us at CICD!
One year almost finished and another one starting up...

This time of year asks us to consider what we made out of the past year. And most importantly —to make new and brave and forward looking plans for the coming year!

In this newsletter, you can enjoy the experiences and results from 2 of our DI-s in Malawi and Zambia—working with organising libraries for school children, supporting teachers trainees in their education and raising funds and materials for expanding and developing the work of the projects. You will also find a cavalcade of some events from 2013 at CICD.

And you can read a little about something of huge importance: trees!

For many of us, 2014 will be a year with focus on fighting Climate Change. Humana People to People are organising a significant tree planting action, involving many thousands of people, right at the end of 2013!

The total goal for this action: to plant 14 million trees.

Enjoy the reading! Happy New Year!

CICD has always been a place of “many hellos and goodbyes” – and this November is no exception!
Our Fighting with The Poor team / May 2013 are now on their way south, to take practical action in the fight for better health and education together with The Poor.
4 DI-Trios are arriving in Africa during today and tomorrow, and one Trio will go to India in 2 weeks.

1st December is World AIDS Day. This day there is a global focus on HIV/AIDS – and this is helpful but not near enough.

Dear friends

The count-down is now on for Andreia, Milda. Gabor and Marina in February team 2013!
They have entered month 9 of their 24 months programme – the last of 3 months saving up for the overland travel in Africa.
Here are some news from their activities – and below you will find a short story from the life of Damiana. She was a Development Instructor some years ago, and has been working in the fight against HIV/AIDS together with Humana People to People ever since.

This September newsletter is about education.
Here at the College and with our Development Instructors in action at projects in Malawi and Zambia.
Education is one of the keys to development, to empower people to improve their situation.

Education transforms lives! And is a very good investment.
“No other investment has such a lasting effect as the education of children. Children who go to school are healthier, more self-assured and can more easily assume a profession. And education is the only effective "vaccine" against HIV/AIDS ” (quote from UNICEF)

We have been celebrating that 2 of our Fighting with The Poor -teams have all passed their first exams in The Contemporary World. The May team 2012 is now in action as Development Instructors in Zambia at one of Humana People to People’s teachers training colleges. And the August team 2012 has just entered Marocco in their Landrover, on their overland investigation travel to Guinea Bissau.... We have also given  a major facelift to our buildings:  Together with a maintenance team from our landlord we painted more than 400 windows in a week. (CICD record J)



Spring has finally come to East Yorkshire, the daffodils are out and in every bush the birds are celebrating. In this newsletter we have articles from many different parts of our programme and life at CICD. You can read about actions for peace in UK and world-wide actions for “water for all”... studies in Fighting with The Poor, our Live Music Event with local artists and neighbours, and of course news and reports from some of our DI-s back from Africa – this time Zambia and Malawi!

Dear friends!

Welcome to the February Newsletter 2013!

Here you will learn more about Guinea-Bissau, a small country on the west coast of Africa, and meet some of our students, who tell about their experiences working there. And – you will meet our new (20 year old!) Land Rover! We have just bought this jeep for the August Team 2012, who will travel to Guinea-Bissau over land.

We hope you will enjoy the reading!

The Newsletter team / David & Marie

Seasons greetings from all of us at CICD! 2012 has been an exciting year. As always a year of “many hellos and goodbyes”. A steady stream of students arriving to study and prepare, leaving for 6 months as Development Instructors in Africa or India, and arriving back to share their experiences and make plans for the future. A steady stream of activists, who go to fight for health, education and a better life together with the Poor, in the projects of Humana People to People. To deepen and strengthen our work we have established a new partnership in 2012 - with One World University for our new programme, Fighting with The Poor. We look very much forward to 2013 – with many more Development Instructors coming to join us, together developing our programmes and projects! Furthering the solidary humanism - in Europe and in Africa and India. Enjoy the reading! The Newsletter team / David and Marie

Welcome to our autumn newsletter! In this issue we bring articles about environment and Gaia actions, news from DI-s in action in Zambia and from Camp Future DI-s just back from Mozambique ....and also August teams adventures in the „Olympics” in Tvind. Enjoy the reading!

Dear friends Greetings from Development Instuctors in action in some of Humana People to People’s projects:

Farmers Club in Mozambique, Child Aid in Zambia, Homeless project in India—and the Fighting with The Poor programme at CICD in East Yorkshire....Welcome to our August Newsletter!

Enjoy the reading!

Domi and Marie/the Newsletter team

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter.

At CICD we are in full swing with all the well known activities –

studying international conditions, learning how to teach and how practice good leadership, how to organise, how to cook for many people, how to overview bigger and bigger tasks, how to grow good vegetables, how to make changes, how to understand a new culture and new friends with a completely different back ground than to meet each other and how to solve a difficult task to MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN....

Read more here from Angola - Zambia - Denmark and East Yorkshire!

Here you have our April Newsletter, with spring time and new steps: the start of our new exciting programme Fighting with The Poor / 24 months.And you can enjoy stories and news from Development Instructors in action in Africa and England, garden farming and other “local” activities here at Winestead Hall.

Here you can read news from Beatriz, DI at One World University in Mozambique, and you will also find some news from our recent infomeetings and the new teams that started now in February.

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