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Humana People to People

In 1977, what today is the International Humana People to People Movement was founded by some of the teachers from the Travelling Folk High School (read more in the section about the DRH movement) in order to create a practical instrument for fighting against the conditions of poverty, disease and distress and working to implement a better way for people to live on the planet in the future.

From the website :

"Humana People to People has placed itself in the frontline of development and shoulder to shoulder with the Poor in the fight for change. Being part of civil society in many countries has earned the Humana People to People organizations a solid reputation of seriousness in development work and given extensive experience in implementing programs of many different kinds and under difficult conditions, in making things happen and in doing what it takes to reach goals.

Humana People to People organisations have been active for up to 32 years with long-term development projects within Training, Agriculture, the Fight against HIV, Community Development, Environmental Issues and Economic Development.

The combined efforts of Humana People to People organisations in Europe, North-America, Africa, Asia and Latin America have resulted in more than 360 development projects being implemented in 2011, reaching 12 million people and employing 9000.

In Europe and North America

Humana People to People organisations operate in 19 countries in Europe and North America, among them some of the world’s richest. The basic philosophy is to create a stream of funds and useful commodities from people who have, to people in other parts of the world who have not.

Everybody can participate and do good with what they have - for example by donating their used clothes to be re-used. The collected clothes is either sold directly on the international market, or is being treated in sorting centers in Europe, some sold in shops and other donated to member organizations in Africa for re-sale.

With the collection of second hand clothes, usable clothes do not end up in the landfills, and resources for production of new clothes are saved. Thus donating their surplus clothes to a Humana People to People member organization, people help protect the environment and create development at the same time.

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 In Africa, Asia and Latin America

Humana People to People members operate more than 360 development projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The projects work within Education, Agriculture and Rural Development, Health, Fighting AIDS, Community Development, Environment, and Economic Development.

200.000 community based volunteers are engaged in the 360 projects.

Humana People to People has an extensive collaboration with governments, funding agencies and development organizations worldwide."

Our local partner in Humana People to People

Planet Aid is UK-s member organisation of the Humana People to People Federation. Read more about them here on their website:

Some facts:

“On average there is 1 trained teacher per 90 pupils in rural Malawi.” (Ministry of education, Malawi)

“In 19 African countries – including Malawi – at least every second child does not complete primary school.” (Dept. for International Development, UK)

Humana People to People are working hard to address this issue and establish many more training facilities and programmes for teachers together with the government in Malawi as well as Mozambique, Angola, DR Congo and India.

Here below are links for 2 films about this:– a film about a pedagogical workshop under Amalika Teachers Training College, Malawi –“The Road to Teacherhood” -  about a teacher trainee in Malawi

Link to Humana People to People’s Youtube channel:

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