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One World University / Instituto Superior de Educação e Tecnologia, Mozambique 


One World University was created by Humana People to People in co-operation with the Mozambiquan government to provide needed advanced training, offering students a choice of 2 degree programmes: Education and Fighitng with The Poor, a programme focused on community development.

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To date, One World University has graduated 296 Bachelors of Education.

Most of them now work as teachers in Humana People to People’s 24 Teachers Training Colleges in Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and India. The aim of these colleges is to train multi skilled primary school teachers specifically for the rural areas.

In October 2008, a new course, "Community Development – Fighting with The Poor" was introduced. The course and the world first bachelor degree has been created by Humana People to People, inspired by his Excellency the President of Mozambique, Armando Emilio Guebuza, with the aim of contributing in the struggle against poverty.

One World University are developing a new programme:  Bachelor degree in Polyhistory.

A polyhistor used to be, in historic times, someone who had read all books in all known libraries, and who knew all there was to know about everything.

These days of course, this is no longer possible. So to be a modern Polyhistor means to know something about almost everything – as opposed to the very detailed specialisation of sciences that these days actually can stand in the way of the combination of different faculties and subjects contributing to understanding the world and finding solutions to the complex problems of our time.

One World University is registered to have Distance Learning students. This means that as a student at CICD you will also enrol as a student at OWU, and work directly with one of their tutors as well as with the teachers here.


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