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Local actions and outreach activities

15 years and 1000 Development Instructors! 1st of October was the exact date for 15 years anniversary of our College. We held an Open... Read more
Voices for Africa - Live Music Event - Monday 8th April 2013 We held this event to raise money for August Team 2012, who will travel in a Land Rover for 3... Read more
Open Day Easter Sunday 2013 We invited friends and locals to come and see what kind of traditions the students have when they... Read more
Walking for Water 23.3.2013 World Water Day is the 23rd of March. All over the world marches have been organised, real and... Read more
The Bric-a-brac shop We had an opportunity to rent a shop for 4 days during the Christmas holidays in Withernsea, to... Read more
Open Day   On 8th of July we organise an Open Day. There will be different... Read more
February teams action week in Hull This 1st week in May, our clothes and shoes collection got a boost! The February team ( and some... Read more
Outreach actions in Hull on World AIDS day The 1st December is World AIDS Day. All over the world there are a lot of campaigns, events,... Read more
Food for All actions on Humana Day In the first week of the DI programme, the September team 2011 was invited to participate in an... Read more

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