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No Drugs No Alcohol

The College is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of staff, students, volunteers and those affected by our activities. One aspect of this is our no drugs and no alcohol policy.

For the duration of the programme, the consumption of alcohol and non-prescription drugs is strictly prohibited regardless of your age. This policy applies when you are at CICD, travelling as part of the programme, and while working at your Project abroad.

The only exception is if you are away from the school for a private visit to your family. In this situation you are free to decide for yourself about alcohol, but the policy about no drugs still stands. If you decide to drink alcohol it must be completely out of your system before you return to the College.

You need to understand and be serious about this issue if you commit to the programme. This will be a very challenging time and will require your full attention and focus.

We encourage you not to apply if you feel you can not adhere to this policy.


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