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Podcasts 2016

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Introduction to our Podcasts   Welcome to our Podcasts!     Go to the next Podcast: Teresa about... Read more
Teresa about Children's Town in Zambia   Teresa, our Development Instructor, speaks about her experience in... Read more
CICD - Another kind of school   Marie - one of the principals, Miguel - new teacher and Eva - help-ex volunteer, speak... Read more
Marje and Child Aid Zambia   Marje shares her story with Child Aid Zambia.         Read more
The story of CICD, by Rolf   Rolf, manager of CICD's clothes & shoes collection, tells about the history of CICD... Read more
Being Human, by Mel   Song, author text and news about CICD, presented by Mel, the teacher of 24-months Team,... Read more
My experiences from 6 months of teaching at One World University, Mozambique   Interview with Mel and Marje about One World University in Mozambique and projects... Read more
Building the biggest windmill in the world   Karen Barsoe, principal of CICD, tells about how the biggest windmill in the world was... Read more
News from Namibia   Ana, André and Adriana - the Namibian Team - talk about their project, Namibian... Read more


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