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Rolf Harald Jakobsson, Sweden The manager of the clothes and shoes collection at CICD is Rolf Jakobsson. He has been here at... Read more
Marie Forell, Sweden Marie Forell is promotion manager and has worked at CICD since 2001. She tells about her... Read more
Asa Niklasson, Sweden Asa Niklasson is a Development Instructor teacher at CICD since 2005. I am from Sweden where I... Read more
Jan Scott, England Originally from Richmond in Surrey I moved up to the North East of England in 1992, joining the... Read more
Peter Dahl, Greenland Peter Dahl is maintenance responsible at CICD. He has worked here since 2002. Originally Peter... Read more
Karen Barsoe, Denmark I am Karen Barsoe. I was born in Denmark in 1951 and lived there most of the time until 1988,... Read more
Mel Hi! My name is Mel, I am 22 years old and I am Portuguese! In 2013 I joined CICD as a... Read more
Noémi My name is Noemi and I’m from the stunning Transylvania region of Romania. After I graduated... Read more
Miguel Carvalho, Portugal Aloa :) I am Miguel, I am 35 years old and I came from Oporto! After my graduation as Social... Read more
Ryma Merouani, Portugal Hello there!! My name is Ryma Merouani, i was born in Algeria and lived there with my family 7... Read more
José Carreiro, Portugal Hello! My name is José Carreiro and I come from the Azores, Portugal. Before I joined CICD I... Read more

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