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Being a Teacher

This description of the role and work of a teacher at CICD tells you also a lot about the school and what you can expect if you join one of the teams here. Here is a section from our new programme book:


You will find them active in their teaching and leadership tasks, performing these, together with the students, with their foundation firmly rooted in the programme, in the Teachers' Council as a collective force and as their part of the institution of the Common Meeting, which governs the school. Thus, you will find your teachers learning as well as teaching, listening as well as speaking, making investigations, digging deeper, taking action and speaking out, forging their singular part in the sum of collective processes of learning and actions that make up the journey through the different periods of the programme.

Below are a number of elements that exemplify how we see and understand the work, role and function of the teacher.


The teacher:

- Carries the idea of the school and its programme

- Interprets the programme together with the students

- Fulfils the programme together with the students

- Builds a strong comradeship in the group and in the team

- Builds a strong comradeship with each and every student in his group

- Strives, together with the students, to make the group function well as a collective

- Teaches the students

- Enlivens the students

- Informs and enlightens the students

- Demands much from the students

- Understands and practices the pedagogical principles stated in this book and teaches them to the students


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- Takes care that the contents of the teaching dawns on the students

- Takes care that the students understand and take a position to big issues of the present day

- Takes care that the students understand and take a position to big issues in relation to the future of the world and their own future

- Takes care that the students use their knowledge and experiences to craft products and actions of outwardly directed character

- Inspires the students to become activists

- Takes on a healthy and modern lifestyle, acting as a role model for the students in this respect

- Cooks up events with life and happiness, songs, music, theatre, dance and other forms of artful and cultural activism and enjoyment

- Has and upholds a positive perspective on life and spreads a good atmosphere and courage to do whatever

- Understands the significance and consequences of commonly shared programmes and arrangements for the whole team and the whole school

- Takes care of and understands about the economy of the group, the team and the school as a whole

- Agitates wholeheartedly for the school and its programmes

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