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Climate Activist, 5 months


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print tree posterThe Climate Activist course is theoretical and practical. You will study and learn, and you will do plenty of practical actions - some in the UK, but mainly in India.

Be prepared for an untraditional school! A school for activists, where “Development” and “Change” are headlines. Be prepared for challenges and for the unexpected, don’t get upset when things change, and get to know your own power to make things happen and create changes. Expect to learn and change in many ways: academically, physically, personally. Serious studies, lectures about global warming, washing up, budgeting, doing presentations, learning yoga, field trips, building up a team spirit in your group - all of these things form the education.
The Climate Activist Course is open to everyone. No specific qualifications or previous experience are needed. But an open mind, a desire to learn new things, and a burning wish to help to create development through working with others, are essential.

Climate change has been a hot topic for many years now. It has moved from a situation where some people said it is happening and some people said it is not to a situation, where the vast majority of people know that it is. It is also clear that we have to do something - if we don't change our ways we are heading towards major disasters in the not too distant future. People in power seem to be unable to agree on a plan for what to do, but all over the world organisations and people are taking the situation into their own hands.


Period 1:
6 weeks at CICD. Training, both practical and theoretical.
Period 2:
11 weeks in India.
Period 3:
4 weeks back at CICD.


About Period 1:

6 weeks at CICD. Training, both practical and theoretical, and planning and preparing the service period.
During this period we focus on getting to grips with the issue of climate change. What is it? What consequences does it have in different parts of the world? Why is it happening? Why are no serious plans made by those in power to change it?
Apart from theoretical studies we put a lot of focus on what CAN actually be done. We will go on field trips to meet other climate activists in the UK, we will work in the garden farm at CICD and carry out other actions in the development of our Climate Centre. We will also focus on planning and preparing the time in India concretely.

During this period you will also be a part of running the school together with all other students and staff, and you will be part of governing the school through our common meeting.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Food and renewables

Focus on India

* Welcome to CICD. Settle in, meet the people.

* The Gaia theory.

* Introduction to Earth System Science.

* Getting to understand the basics of a changing climate.

* Introduction to our plans for turning CICD into a Climate Centre.

* Practical action in the garden farm.

* Food and energy.

* Food production in the world and the latest developments.

* Monsanto and the small subsistence farmers.

* Renewable energy. Field trips.

* Practical action in the garden farm.

* Focus on India and Humana People to People’s work there.

* India - the country, the people, the challenges.

* The projects run by Humana People to People, particularly the environmental projects.

* Study in detail the project you are going to.

* First contact to your Project Leader - present yourself and your ideas.

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Climate activism

Green Actions

Last preparations

* Six degrees - the importance of being a Climate Activist.

* Field trips to environmental projects in the UK.

* What can we do in the UK / in your home country / in India?

* Make a big exhibition about what every person can do limit the damage of climate change, and put it up in the biggest shopping centre in Hull.

* 40 Green World Actions.
Studies and practical actions in a multitude of areas.

* Contact to your Project Leader in India.

* Studies, plans and preparations in relation to your specific project - Farmers’ Clubs, biogas, smokeless stoves, tree planting.

* Ready to go!



About Period 2:

11 weeks in India.
This period will be spent working closely together with communities around environmental projects in India. The concrete tasks will depend on the time of year and the specific needs at Humana People to People's projects. It can be within tree planting, construction of biogas plants, Farmers' Clubs, solar energy or construction and installation of smokeless stoves.
One week is set aside for traveling and experiencing India.



About Period 3:

This period is about making a conclusion on your time spent in India. Pass your experiences on to the next team. Do lots of information work about your achievements and about what can be done.



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