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Development Instructor in Action, 12 months


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Period 1:
5 months training and preparation based at CICD
Period 2:
6 months work placement in your TRIO at one of Humana People to People's projects
Period 3:
1 month Camp Future: Follow up period for evaluation and information work


About Period 1:

During the 5 months training, you will educate and prepare yourself in many different ways for your job as a Development Instructor. The programme consists of a number of subjects, which will be useful for you - as a solidarity worker and as a modern human being.

We use DmM, a modern method of teaching, because this gives you the possibility to learn the skills required in your work placement as a Develoment Instructor as well as in your future. That is why teaching at the college is based partly on computer learning. Via your personal computer, which you borrow for use at the school, you are linked to a network providing access to more than 20,000 pages of text and tests for all subjects taught at the school. Besides, you have access to the Internet with its numerous databases, discussion clubs and e-mail. This allows you to structure your studies yourself - in close co-operation with the teacher, but with unique opportunities for making your own choices and priorities.
We have divided the education into 3 areas:
1.Studies About half of the time is spent on your own studies in subjects like: History, Geography and Sociology, where you learn about the history and culture of Africa, Development Aid, Teaching and Psychology, Portuguese (if you go to Angola or Mozambique), Chichewa (if you go to Malawi), Sports, Health and Hygiene. You also learn a number of practical skills - such as constructing a latrine or making a compost.
2.Courses About a quarter of the time is spent on special courses in various subjects held by the teachers, participants or others. The entire team join these courses.
About a quarter of the time is reserved for experiences. Both your own ones and the ones that you plan with your team and the School.
Partnership Activites During the 5 months training, you and your team will establish partnerships and get donations and economic support for the training course. There are many ways of doing this - the main one is selling our magazine about the school and our work in Africa and India in major cities around United Kingdom.

About Period 2:


You and your Trio now have 6 months in front of you at the Humana People to People project in Africa or India. What you will do exactly depends on your job description that you receive from the project leader, and of course also on the situation at the project. Other places on this website you can read more about the experiences from other DI-s, and you can see an example of a trio programme. Co-operation and education are some of the key words for you....and - be ready to do what is needed!
About Period 3:


Camp Future

Camp Future is an important period in the program to evaluate the experiences gained at the project and to use them to raise awareness by spreading information and knowledge.  It is clear that the work of a Development Instructor is extremely important for the projects and communities in which they have worked.  However it is also clear that after their work is done, there is much more needed to better the lives of the people in the communities.  After much consideration and discussion, we have developed the basis of the Camp Future program to fit under the headline `Take Action and Fight Poverty`.

The Camp Future is based at CICD with a programme for conclusions, evaluation, information and action.


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