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Example of Trio programme from Machava, Mozambique

The the idea with the Development Instructor Trios.

The programme Fighting with The Poor and the Development Instructor course are full of new challenges – for everyone who joins. A new way of living with common responsibilities. New skills to learn - practical and theoretical  - new concepts to understand – new attitudes to embrace …and ideas and plans to put into practice in reality!

The students in the teams are a wonderful mix of people from all walks of life and from different countries and backgrounds, but who have in common that they have decided “Now is the time for me to DO something ”. To fight together with poor people for a better life, against the poverty, food insecurity, environmental degradation, malaria and HIV/AIDS. One by one, we have only our own skills and strengths at our disposal.

But working closely together, we can support each other and place demands on each other. We can share experiences, energy and strengths with each other. This is the idea with the DI Trio!


Each Trio has a specific programme for work and studies during the service period at the Humana People to People project.

Below you will find an example of such a programme for a TRIO. This programme description is set up just like the tasks in our DmM education system: with clear headlines and titles, and a wording describing what the task is about and what the TRIO will be doing.


Example of TRIO programme for 6 months service period at Humana National Headquarter (NHQ), School Sector, in Machava, Mozambique






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