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Pedagogical Principles

Each programme has a certain physical framework that is a part of making it all possible. In this connection, we shall clarify in brief the pedagogical principles that lie at the heart of the school and run through it’s everyday of learning and teaching, making it all worthwhile for students and teachers alike.

1. Both theoretical and practical studies

The learning processes comprise both theoretical and practical studies, as the College sees this as an absolute necessity for the process of learning and as a first precondition for benefiting from the programme.

2. A high degree of reality

The higher the degree of reality of the programme, the more is learned, meaning that old and ordinary stuff might be thrown away and substituted with new ways of learning on the spot from meeting people and environments.

3. Coherence and overview

The more coherence is present in the teaching, learning and everyday experiences, the more overview and understanding is generated within the individual, the student body and in the results of the learning.

4. The programme generates motivation

Motivation is a structural part of the everyday activities that lets you take in new stuff, try out and experiment with energy and a light head, processing attitudes and sharing exciting titbits of all kinds with your teammates.

5. Immersion and work

Immersion in your programme activities will make you demand more immersion and deeper learning, and working to make it all happen demands ever more work with the effect of getting deeper into the material and the processes.

6. Self-determination

The background of self-determination is the experience of a group of people who want to solve a task together, and its result is democratic sympathy and creation of own ideas for the good of personal equanimity and the function of the group.

7. The collective is the partner of aloneness

Collectivity is a core element of the education. In our edition, collectivity is not a modern, smart form of behaviour that will quickly go away. We seek it not because we might as well do so, but because we cannot do without it.

8. Liberation through coherence of conception and action

In the College’s structure and programmes, you find a thousand possibilities of practising the direct path from imagination to action through dialectical processes where imagination is a main precondition for new action.

9. Mobility is a precondition for learning much

In all centres of learning, students of any age must move beyond the premises of the institution; meeting real life and people, getting engaged through moving and interacting with the phenomena and reality of environment and people.

10. Practice and theory, experience and awareness

Knowledge is a precondition for experience. This demands that the teacher is integrated in the teaching and learning processes. Learning of a subject matter cannot be separated from the conditions in which it takes place.

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