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Volunteer in England

Do you want to be a volunteer in England?            Do you enjoy farming or do you have language skills?
Do you want to improve your English?

We are looking for you!

With our new programme of shorter volunteering it is possible to be part of our activities enjoing our beautiful place and our people. 

Follow those steps:

1. Subscribe on logox2 , the service that we are using to reach many volunteers all around the world.

2. Contact us thrught our host page, where you can also find more information about this great opportunity. host 36373

3. Help us make this world a better place!

Volunteer in England: Garden Planting out the seedlings from the coldframes Volunteer in England: Garden team planting out into the beds Gardenteam BW June


Get more information about the program


CICD - Winestead Hall - Patrington - Hull  - HU12 0NP  - England  - tel +44 (0)1964 631 826  - CONTACT US FORM

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