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About taking the initiative - Olympic Games in Tvind

From preparation of Olympics

Experience from OL in Tvind
Carlota from August team 2017

About taking the initiative.....

It was extremely interesting being able to visit Tvind last week for the preparation of the Olympic Games. I didn't have any expectations of how this week would turn out. But my final outcome was quite positive. I had the chance to meet people from Lindersvold, One World Institute, DNS plus EVS volunteers. We had the possibility to share our ideas and have fun.

Poster of Olypmics 2017 in TvindMe, together with Demian from Italy and Miki from South Korea - all of us from different schools - organized the performing sports (zumba, dance, street art, circus art, trampoline...).

The things that I realised in TVIND changed completely how I see myself as a volunteer at CICD.
I realized that I spend too much time looking into the negative points instead of taking initiative to change things - it seems that I was always waiting for someone else to do something.
Without the volunteers CICD doesn't exist - we are CICD and we have to take CICD as our home and improve it day by day - by taking initiative.


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