Here you can meet all the students currently taking part in the programme at CICD.

August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Lucy Mazera, Brazil

I am Lucy Mazera, Brazilian, a doctor in social services. My professional experience is in the field of public policies in health, housing and guarantee of the social rights of people who are in a situation of social vulnerability, and I am also a university…
November 2019 - Climate Activist

Maria, Spain

My name is Maria,I am from Madrid, Spain. I am 24 years old.The two last months I was living in Dublin, Ireland.One day I saw in Facebook a message about CICD to go to India to be a volunteer..Since I was a child I was always dreaming about this, go to…
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Emilio Salas, Spain

Hello my name is Emilio, Im 25 years old and I'm from Seville (Spain). I used to work as filmmaker and cinematographer in Spain, but also I have been working as a cook in my country and United Kingdom as well. I'm here because after my experience as volunteer…
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Elisa Challain, France

Hi! My name is Elisa, and I was born and raised in France with dual citizenship (French-American). There are many reasons why I came to CICD, and the one I like to emphasize the most is that one day I would like to open a gallery in order to tackle the…
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Cecilia Castresana, France

Hi my name is Cecilia, I come from France, but my origin is Spanish. I am 58 years, and it's not too late to try a new life doing some things that I love, like working in community and travelling. .And I like so much to meet new people and share experiences.
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Pablo Costillo, Spain 

Since being an activist is not really a degree that we can get by participating in a course, but a way of life, a state of mind or a way to interact with reality - and considering that it is very easy to get lost inside the bubble of boredom, senselessness,…
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Carla Barrado Guillen, Spain 

I'm Carla, I'm 24 years old and I come from Valencia (Spain).I am a student of Social Work and therefore, my curiosity about this world has always been a highlight for me. By chance, I was presented with the opportunity to carry out this programme and I could…
August 2019 - Poverty Activist

Gloria Teresa Fontán Rodríguez, Argentina

I born in Argentina and live most of my life there. But I have lived last years in Barcelona, Spain. I think that is my place in the world.You want to know my age? It isn’t important. Just I will say that I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Now I’m…
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Le My Linh, Czech Republic

Le My Linh from Czech Republic, Climate Activist team November 2018 Hi :) My name is Linh and I’m 23 years old. I’m Vietnamese, however, I was born in Czech Republic and I also live there. I love travelling, meeting new people and learning about different…
May 2019 - Climate Activist

Beatriz Carmena, Spain

Beatriz Carmena from Spain, Climate Activist team May 2019Yehei!This part is for introduces myself, to write the things that define me ... The first one is my name: Beatriz. Second one, my country: Spain. That gives you a little advance of my personality from…
May 2019 - Climate Activist

Ana Barbara Iglesias, Argentina

Ana Barbara Iglesias from Argentina, Climate Activist team May 2019My name is Ana, from Argentina. I am a filmmaker and photographer. When I finished my studies, I started to work on cinema and audiovisual productions. Last year, I made a long trip around…
May 2019 - Climate Activist

Romina Italiano, Argentina

Romina Italiano from Argentina, Climate Activist team May 2019Hello!!! My name is Romina, from Argentina. I'm 27 years old and I'm a social worker. I come to CICD because I felt that I had to do something for the people, but not only for my country. I think…
May 2019 - Climate Activist

Yessica Varela, Venezuela

Yessica Varela from Venezuela, Climate Activist team May 2019My name is Yessica, I was born in Venezuela and I was looking to do something good for a while only in India, because I was recently in India for a few days and I was looking forward to more. This…
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Mlada Richterova, Czech Republic

Hey everybody,I am Mlada from Czech republic and I joined the climate activist program before continuing with my studies. I feel that everybody should try to understand the world as a unit as well as certain things that are happening inside of it and try to…
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Svenja Schroeder, Germany

Hello, I’m Svenja, 18 years old and from a city in the western part of Germany. This summer, I have just made my A-Levels, but instead of directly going to University, I wanted to do something else. Yes, I love studying new things, but somehow I felt the need…
February 2019 - Poverty Activist

Abel Cruz Delgado, Spain

My name is Abel, I'm 24 years old and I am from the Canary Islands, Spain.I'm a barber and I come to CICD to help people who need it and grow as a person. I like to travel and meet people with a different point of view of life.
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Margarita Maria Barbero, Colombia

My name is Margarita Barbero, from Colombia. I had been working in the administative area during 10 years and I felt that it was time to close a cycle; the moment to do something different and travel had arrived. I usually think that it never is too late and…
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Vasile Nutescu, Romania

Hello, my name is Vasile and I am from Romania.I decided to come to CICD because I want to be a small change in a bigger picture and this is the place that can be a starting point.I like the idea of community and I think that here is also a good place to know…
Cristian from Spain
August 2018 - Fighting with the Poor

Cristian, Spain

My name is Cristian, I am 28 years old and I come from Tenerife in Spain.I haven't been able to have a stable job and I have done different courses of professional training without ever being very clear what direction my life has to take. However, there is…
Juan from Spain
November 2018 - Climate Activist

Juan, Spain

From the past to the future. Im Juan from Granada a city that is in the south of Spain, very wonderful land, but it didn’t fill me at all.I was looking for my self and I didn’t know it, because I never go deeper in my heart to know what’s on.One day I decided…
Celia web
May 2018 - Climate Activist

Celia, Spain

I’m Celia, I’m from somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember… But I know that it’s in Spain. Now it’s only saying that I’m 23 and the easiest part of a presentation it’s already finished. It’s also not very difficult trying to…
February 2018 - Poverty Activist

Andre, Germany

Hello everybody. I'm André from Dresden in Germany. Before I came here I first studied traffic engineering and then worked at the university. I believe that it is worth actively fighting for a free, environmentally conscious and grassroots democratically…
Idoia web
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Idoia, Spain

I am Idoia, I am 34 and I come from Navarra, a region in the north of Spain.I've always been a curious person and I think that's why I studied journalism. I think trying new things and challenge yourself is the best way to learn.I worked as a journalist for a…
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Diego, Italy

Hi everyone! My name is Diego, I come from a small town in the north of Italy. I love travelling and I have been in many places in the last 5 years. I just started the Gaia programme and I'm understanding how this place works, so far so good! I love cooking…
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Ines, Portugal

Ines, Portugal Hello! I'm Inês and i arrive to CICD a few weeks ago. I never had the chance to finish university because I was not appreciating what i was doing anymore. I was studying classical guitar which is a beautiful thing to do and made me who I am…
Juan Manuel
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Juan, Argentina

My name is Juan Manuel, I am 24 years old and I was born in Argentina. When I was 18 years old I started to study Social Communication (journalist) because I think that the comunication is very important for community life. So I am in CICD because I like…
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Adina, Romania

My name is Adina and the reason I joined CICD is because I am looking for my community. A community of open minded people with whom I can construct positively, and, in the process, defy the routine and the addiction to technology. A tribe where I can live…
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Irene, Spain

Hello everyone ; ) My name is Irene and I am from Spain!! I am 25 years old and I am enjoying the beginning of this experience. Before I made the decision to come here I was working as a children entertainer and I loved the job but I needed to search inside…
Juan Arellano
August 2018 - Fighting with the Poor

Juan, Spain

I am Juan and I arrived to CICD in 2018. I come from a town near to Madrid, my High school was a typical one, one of those schools that are how ‘’the high schools are supposed to be’’. When I finished, I started the university, as I was good a maths, and I…
August 2018 - Poverty Activist

Cristiana, Portugal

Hello, my name is Cristiana Garrido, I'm 26 years old and I'm Portuguese. Before working at CICD, I worked as a waitress at several hotels in Lisbon. Tired of the cosmopolitan life and the exaggerated capitalism in which we live, I decided to look for…
August 2018 - Fighting with the Poor

Zsolt, Hungary

Hello Everyone! My name is Zsolt. After two years of preparation I came here to CICD in March 2018 to change the path of my life. I had a job, I was paying my rent and stuff, had friends whom I went to have fun with, but that life was not enough, wanted to do…
February 2018 - Poverty Activist

Maria, Spain

My name is María from Spain. I´m 31 years old.I came to CICD on October 2017. The life in comunity is a new adventure, we learn to share all things with people from diferent countries and thoughts.For me it is a very heartwarming experience, because I´m…
November 2017 - Climate Activist

Araceli, Spain

I'm in CICD since July. I actually don't know what will happen when I go to the project in India: I am very curious what kind of work I will do there green actions or the urban gardens. When I left Tenerife I realized a lot of things about how my life would…
May 2018 - Climate Activist

Melisa, Argentina

I'm Melisa from Bs As Argentina,I’m the last to join the school, I came here in November 2017 but I feel that I am doing a lot, it will be because I feel very comfortable.In Argentina, I’m a Tourism Technician and worked in an insurance office. To finish with…
February 2018 - Poverty Activist

Roser, Spain

Hello! My name is Roser and I come from a little village in the Pyrenees. I love nature, people, food, the Earth and the cultures all around the globe. I hate injustice, so I chose to join CICD as a way to become an activist against all this social and…
August Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Juliana, Brazil

My name is Juliana, 37 years old, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am an economist with thee master degrees. I worked in a bank for 17 years.I am here to do something different in my life. Something for my soul. I took one year to improve as a human being,…
August Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Milagros Diaz, Spain

Hi! My name is Milagros. I come from Tenerife, Canary Islands, in Spain. I have had the idea about doing volunteering all my life, above all in Africa, since I was 18 years old.... but at that time there wasn't as much information as now. However now internet…
August Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Carlota, Portugal

Hi there everyone :D I'm Carlota and I am from Portugal! I am 21 years old and I am currently finishing my BA in International Relations. I had lived in Turkey, Poland and Egypt and I have travelled to over 18 countries. The reason why I decided to join CICD…
August Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Alvaro, Spain

My name is Alvaro. I'm 23 years old, and I'm from Spain.Why do you come as a volunteer? From my point of view, I think if you want a change the world, first you have to start with yourself, leave the words and start acting. I came here to be able to…
August Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Lidia, Spain

Hi!My name is Lidia and I´m from Spain (Canary Islands).I´m enjoying the Gaia team preparing for the next 12 months Development Instructor program, and it´s been a good opportunity that give me new skills before to start. Before I came here I used to work as…
August Team 2017 - Climate Activist

Yasu, Spain

I´m Yasu. I´m 23 years old and I´m from Spain. I studied Environmental Sciences. I have been wanting to do a volunteer programme for a long time and I found CICD, that I think is a good opportunity not just to help people in undeveloped countries but also to…
August Team 2017 - Climate Activist

Konstantin, Estonia

Hello! My name is Konstantin. I'm 23. I come from Tallinn, Estonia. Before coming here I studied property management. I decided to join CICD because there are a lot of people out here from many many countries all over the world. Despite the very different…
August Team 2017 - Climate Activist

Alejandro, Spain

I am Alejandro. I am 23 years old and I am Spanish. I have finished the university degree in Environmental Sciences, and before starting my working life I was looking for some new experiences that makes me grow in knowledge related to the environment and also…
August Team 2017 - Climate Activist

Florencia, Argentina

I'm Florencia, 32 years old. I'm an architect from Argentina, especially interested in sustainable architecture and use of natural resources. I think that as an architect I have the knowledge and tools necesary for helping vulnerable people to improve their…
August Team 2017 - Climate Activist

Jimmy, Portugal

Hello people! I´m Catarina Fontes (better known as Jimmy) and I´m from Azores, the Portuguese islands. I studied Engineering and Environmental Management and after that Agronomic Engineering. I believe both study areas are directly related and involved…
March Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Nayibe, Spain

I am Nayibe, I am 29 years old. I am Colombian, but I lived in Spain ten years, I am now a volunteer at CICD England, where I am preparing for my trip to Africa in august. I used to work as a secretary, a nutritionist and a cook. I have a big family I have 2…
May Team 2017 - FWTP 18month

Vicky, Spain

My name is Vicky Delgado and I was born in the island of Tenerife in 1962.During my life I have done different jobs, but the one I feel more identified is photographer free lance.My experience began in 1996. After an eight-month stay in Chile photographing…
May Team 2017 - FWTP 18month

Jose, Mexico

Hello my name is Jose and I'm 28 years old, I'm from Mexico City. I study management and the main reason for my enrollment in CICD is because I strongly believe that if you want different outcomes you have to do thing differently and if you can help other…
March Team 2017 - Poverty Activist

Gabriel, Spain

Hello my name is Gabriel. I am 23 years old. I’m from Spain, Canary Islands. I tried to study computer science at the University but I didn´t like it. Because I ended up studying kitchen management. I’ve worked in three restaurant, one Italian, Mexican and…
November Team 2016 - FWTP 18month

Andrea, Spain

Hi, my name is Andrea Cerezo I’m a Spanish girl and I’m 24 years old.When I was younger I lived in a small village in the north of Guadalajara, after I went to study in Madrid and now I’m a social worker.I’ve worked in shops, summer camps with people whit…
November Team 2016 - FWTP 18month

Marta, Portugal

Hi! I’m Marta, Portuguese girl from Lisbon and I’ve 19 years old. So, to start to present myself I will talk a bit about what I’ve done before I came to CICD.I’ve studied in a school in Lisbon until I’ve 17 years old, I’ve study languages and humanities. I…
November Team 2016 - FWTP 18month

Luís Fraga Brum, Portugal

Hi,My name is Luis Fraga Brum, I am 42 years old and I came from Portugal.About my studies I did high School and I did some subjects from the first year degree of a Mechanical Engineering Course.My last Job, I was an Ambulance driver.My best skill is…
November Team 2016 - FWTP 18month

Jorge Barriga, Portugal

My name is Jorge Barriga, I am 29 years old and I come from Portugal. I started as a Law student but I didn't like it. Then I stop studying for a year and started to work and then i applied for the International Relations degree. I was accepted and finished…
May Team 2016 - FWTP 18month

Tibor Fodor, Hungary

CICD's sports' guy.Loves cycling, photography and gardening.Profile to be added...
February Team 2016 - FWTP 24month

János Gyurcsó, Hungary

A mysterious guy... :-)Profile to be added...